To make sure the success of your Office 365 movement task, you require to make certain you accomplish the adhering to goals:

  • No data is lost throughout the shift procedure;
  • No system downtime – your company still requires to run; and also
  • It is done promptly and cost-effectively.

Simply put an Office 365 migration that is hassle-free! These goals can be accomplished by following these 7 actions:

  1. Review your current email system:

If you are like most people, the main factor forĀ Office 365 Migration is since you wish to relocate your e-mail to the cloud. Appropriately, it is important to start by looking at the technological information on your current email web server and also run an audit report that determines all the active customers and also groups and the size of their e-mail boxes.

  1. Review your current Microsoft licensing standing:

Office 365 has number of technical prerequisites that you need to be familiar with prior to you move. The primary one that catches individuals out is that Windows XP and Office 2010 are not sustained. As making certain your operating system and browser will certainly function with Office 365, it is likewise vital to take supply of the variations and licenses of the Microsoft Office software you already have. Like many organizations, you are probably utilizing a mix of Microsoft Office variations, which is simply fine – yet it is crucial to comprehend what you have currently so that you can make the best decision on which mix of Office 365 plans are best fit for your company.

  1. Evaluation your present information storage space locations and size:

Office 365 offers 2 primary locations for the storing of your data – Microsoft One Drive and also SharePoint. In order to make an informed choice on how best to keep your information once you migrate to Office 365, it is vital to evaluate and tape-record the areas and also dimension of your data.

  1. Choose the very best mix of Office 365 plans:

You are now at the factor where you know on your e-mail system, you have obtained a thorough record on your present Microsoft licensing and you recognize how much information you have to move. Congratulations – you are now at the point where you can evaluate the various Office 365 business and business strategies and also determine which ones are best for your organization. Keep in mind that Microsoft currently permits Office 365 plans to be mixed and matched which is excellent news for all organizations big and tiny. It means you can increase your existing financial investment in current versions of Microsoft Office along with provide for the different needs your team might have, depending upon their roles.