All stores and websites specializing in baby clothes and footwear have a wide catalog of everything you need to buy for your newborn. Before the imminent arrival of your baby, you should make a list of what you should acquire, keeping in mind that many of the baby’s things will be given to you by your closest relatives and friends. Click here for ergobaby hk.

Prepare the basket of the newbornergobaby hk

Diapers, pajamas, short sleeves, jackets, socks, mittens, … Before your son or daughter is born, it is important that you buy a series of products for newborn babies and that you should take to the hospital in a small backpack. Visit to buy baby products.

Utensils and products to feed the baby

In addition to asking the pediatrician any questions you have regarding the feeding of the baby, it is essential that you buy the following accessories to feed your baby and make your son or daughter learn to eat only in a short time:

Bibs:  you will need many! There are different types of bibs for babies,  but those with plastic backs prevent food and drink from getting wet. Plastic bibs are best suited for slightly older children who have started to eat alone or for children who are learning to eat alone. Choose easy-to-put, remove and wash bibs when needed.

Bottle: it is an essential accessory if you start with mixed breastfeeding, that is, when you decide to alternate breastfeeding with artificial.

-2-3 plastic spoons that are not very deep.

-2 non-slip plastic bowls.

-Strainer or food grinder.

Steam pot:  not essential, but steaming helps retain the nutrients of the fruit and vegetables that dissolve in the water to prepare the porridge.

-Blender or blender, or food processor: although it is not essential, the work of cooking mashed potatoes for the baby and crushing the meals is lighter.

-cup or glass with lid and two handles.

In addition to these items, you must purchase other accessories for babies that will allow you to feed your child outside the home, such as a cover to protect the bottle, wet wipes to clean the remains of food and a small bib to prevent it gets dirty.