Barn door hardware, a preferred new hardware style for doors and doorways, is not just stylish; however it is also really strong. For those not acquainted with it, a track runs over the entrance with 2 wall mounts that connect to the door and also roll flat on the track. The system is very stable. However just what provides this hardware its strength. In this post, we will address just what it is about barn door hardware that makes it so strong.

Barn door hardware is solid for 2 factors: 1 flat track layout; as well as 2 solid steel constructions

Flat track design

This design of door hardware, as stated over, is set up in a manner that has a track that is placed over the doorway overlapping the wall with two track hangers that attach to the door and also roll horizontally along the track length. The track itself is made from strong steel flat-bar. The bar is approx. 1/4 thick as well as 2 wide. The flat side of the bar stands up and down, alongside the wall, providing that the track wall mounts roll along the 1/4 thick part of the bar. Because of the physics involved, this setup provides the track phenomenal toughness.sliding barn doors for sale

The hangers themselves are constructed from the very same strong steel flat-bar. They are meticulously bent and also shaped to develop the ideal curve over the wall mount wheel to provide extra strength and assistance.

Solid steel building and construction

The track, hangers, as well as virtually every other part of this system are all made from solid steel. This is crucial to the toughness, design, and general life of exterior sliding barn doors. But why is this so vital. Exactly what is it concerning steel that makes it so unique, solid, and also long lasting.