Doctors and companies might make it seem like ADHD medication is. What these experts will not tell you is that ADHD is a disease triggered by environmental and lifestyle factors, and it affects people in various ways. The exact same can be said not every child with ADHD will respond to the treatment option the same way. It would not do with ADHD while medication may have brought benefits to many people. And what we will need to be critical about is these benefits last, and whether ADHD medications are the best treatment option. But before answering this question, we will need to know why they are prescribed in the first location and how drugs work. Western medicine views ADHD as a disorder caused by an imbalance such as nor epinephrine and dopamine, in brain neurotransmitters. ADHD medications are stimulants which are thought to restore the balance among both of these neurotransmitters.

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Once this balance is reached, the symptoms decrease and the child begins to be the normal child needs to, with less uncontrollable dreaming, speaking, or moving about as if driven by a motor. ADHD is not merely the result of a lack in neurotransmitters; the explanation is one bit of the ADHD puzzle. ADHD emerges within a person when environmental conditions and lifestyle choices interact with that individual’s predisposition. With that in mind, liquid adhd medication only addresses the imbalance without doing anything to change the factors. Kids as young as six years old need to take pills at least two times each day! Medications are an inadequate solution for ADHD. Children and adults ADHD are better off. In actuality, a research on the effects of ADHD medication known as the mat study demonstrated that ADHD medications are no longer effective in treating the disorder!

There is lots of research which demonstrates that when used in the long run, the side effects of ADHD medications outweigh its benefits all. Is it worth taking a medication that might lead to stunted growth heart damage, and hallucinations getting no or little benefits. ADHD is a complex disorder, and the treatment program that is perfect should involve more than a prescription for medication. In actuality, it should stop relying on medications. Maybe you should take a step back and consider alternatives if your physician is insistent on getting your child treated. Rather than turning into a solution for ADHD, your medical care specialist should take the time to identify the environmental and genetic factors that triggered the disease. Then they should structure a treatment program based on this information – . Alternative treatments for ADHD take patience and time than taking a pill, but enabling the body is the only way everyone can conquer ADHD and in the long term.