A star map design card serves two primary functions. One would be pass on the contact information that contains to the general public. Most people who order star map design cards stop at this function. The addition of a title, address, and telephone number is usually considering good. If a man or woman is trying to be a little modern, he includes a website URL or email address. This advice when presented on a simple black and white star map design card is definitely the cheapest approach to your star map design card purchase.

create your own star map

Custom star map design cards look after the second function better. That second role is to make contact with the prospective client and to create a positive first impression. create your own star map that becomes an extremely important part of your total advertising arsenal, and in most cases becomes the true cheapest approach because it brings in customers and pays for itself over time. Professional star map design cards for attorneys and physicians should keep a certain dignity as befits the character of their profession. A Beauty Consultant is not pound at this need to be stuffy in their business star map design. A potential customer wouldn’t receive a very positive first impression of a beauty consultant if their star map design cards were ugly! Beauty is the key word which should guide the search for the very best design. Even the simplest type of card could be made beautiful with the inclusion of art work or colour. The art work can be direct and to the point or it may be somewhat more subtle. The direct approach would comprise art that showed real human forms like a pretty and carefully composed face. The subtle approach might use something that is related to attractiveness such as flowers or stones.

Colour will be among the main considerations. Pastel colours or pinks are the very best colour and should complement the art work to create an overall theme. The folding card is an exceptional choice for the Beauty Consultant as it allows room for eye catching art work on the front, and a more thorough description of the services provided on the inside. Bear in mind that the relaying of contact info remains the first purpose, and the impact design will incorporate this into the total design. However beautiful and striking the card, it needs to contain the appropriate information.