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If you want to buy these lights for your vehicle you can go to the firm site and look out for better parts and accessories of the very same brand name. Make your auto fashionable, trendy and merely out of the globe with the appealing, valuable as well as high quality Mini Cooper xenon birne Headlights. If these German brands rely on the performance of the xenon lights and made it component of their automobile versions, after that it has to be something to appreciate. Ask your local merchant about the selection of xenon fronts lights for your driving and you are ensured that every time you most likely to the darkest roadways and also dangerous roads, the xenon headlights will supply the illumination you need for a very long time.

A third item to search for is a flash blue and also a modification of color when the Xenon HID system is first switched on. Last but not least, take a look at the external lens of your system. If you see D1S, D1R, D2S or D2R it should be a Xenon HID system. If you do not see one of these combinations then you do not have a Xenon HID system. If it has one of the four markings in number 4 above, and also it additionally has the letters DOT it ought to show conformity to the U.SL Division of Transportation policies for Xenon headlamps.