Fertility egg donation, or donor egg IVF, is an alternate form of IVF treatment for women who cannot create their fertilizable eggs. It works in the exact same manner as IVF, except that the eggs to be fertilized are gathered prior to being fertilized by sperm from her husband or partner and placed inside her. Is that a form of IVF treatment, and if so what are its benefits and drawbacks. This question puts the cart before the horse, in the viability issue needs to be judged and they can only do so undergoing or when contemplating the issues. The vital difference that needs to be considered is that effective regular IVF treatment generates a baby that, genetically, is just like a non-IVF infant, i.e. it is the makeup of both parents in equal shares. Both father and mother have the ability to pass on their genes, married together to create another human being.

Donor eggs

These needs to be contrasted with fertility Sweden Egg Donation IVF, where the father can pass on his genes, the egg being provided by an outsider it might be someone known and accepted by the few concerned but all the same the genetic link remains severed. Sometimes the sperm is offered through an outside donor, where the partner of the egg receiver is sterile also, in which case neither of these parents pass to the child. To pass to the next generation on our own inheritance is a natural and basic urge. When this is not feasible for one or both of the parents, they should consider the consequences of fertility egg donation before embarking.

Bringing up a child is often fraught with difficulties and challenges too many to mention in any detail here, but there is no doubt that the genetic connection between child and parent, that the kid is in part at the parent’s own flesh and blood, makes possible the imposition of the responsibilities and burdens of parenthood on the parents from the child without breaking point being reached. All parents will understand what I mean here. The love gives its parents is an ample reward for the inconvenience, trouble and expense, from changing diapers when a kid to the college run on and the baby.