All too often Chase words down the rabbit hole, rewriting whole paragraphs when it is not essential. Oftentimes, excessive jelling can circle one back to where their first started. It is a timewaster and aggravating. Rather than doing a full Rewrite, try these quick and simple methods for improving your copy. The goal here is not to rework content except to streamline what is already there by making it much easier to read. Readers respond best to information that has been broken up into bite sized chunks. Use bullets in any paragraph where several important details work to support a main idea. Quite often, if the bullets are persuasive enough, it may convince the reader to read further.

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Studies reveal that shorter sentences are more readable and often more memorable than longer ones. The Pointer Institute indicates that paragraphs that are 10 words or less achieve a 90 percent readability evaluation; paragraphs 25 words or more, a 10 to15 percent score. The eyes can play tricks, but the ears require no lies. Awkward phrases come to the forefront should read aloud with no inflection. Reduce any words which cause sentences to bulge, stumble or clash. These kinds of expressions might make sense logically but instinctually create confusion when read. Most individuals are better at understanding what is than that which is not. Reduce the negatives for a minute positive.

Applying these 5 tips creates Fulfilled readers and satisfied companies. An ad agency recently hired us to copy-editing a 1,000word executive booklet for their healthcare customer, which they had next day. The newspaper contained good talking points and details but was worded in places. It took less than 45 minutes to make the changes and return to the account manager, who has since hired us to do more copy editing work. So, give these how to get a copyright for a book hints a try yourself and make both you and your writing standout.

Plus it will test your editing skills over time, and of course you’re rewriting skills. Most sites I have ever edited required substantial rewriting. Like I said, it is difficult from the writing profession to put on a single hat, if not absolutely impossible. Some people at least do concentrate in classes, such as science fiction, historical romance, nonfiction, murder mysteries, cozies, or anything. But I have discovered over time it pays to be open-minded about a wide selection of categories. I do everything from children’s chapter books to adult literature, and have written in all categories and many subject matters.