It is a well known fact that smoking causes a negative effect on your health. You have to see the warning message on all cigarette boxes smoking is injurious to health. Smoking tobacco is a root cause of 30 percent of all cancer deaths and triggers 16 times greater risk of coronary attack. There are almost 120 million smokers in India. According to world health organization, India accommodates around 12 percent of the planet’s smoking population. The amount of guys smoking tobacco has increased from 78 million annually 1998 to 108 million in the year 2015. Tobacco consumption is responsible for the death of 6 million people annually. Direct tobacco consumption accounts for more than 5 thousand deaths and 0.6 million deaths are the result of exposure to secondhand smoke. Considering serious public health hazards, the government has banned smoking in public places.

Not just your health, additionally, it makes you pay higher premiums for a medical insurance plan, due to greater health risks and shorter life expectancy. A nonsmoker however, gets premium discounts as a reward to lead a healthy lifestyle. Being a smoker, it is highly recommended not to conceal your smoking addiction from your medical insurance provider, as it gives you the ability to cover the smoking related health difficulties. There is a wide curiosity among individuals, of smoker insurance policy. Let us educate you about smoking and its effect on health insurance plan. Smoking includes inhalation of this smoke of burning tobacco in the form of cigarettes, cigars. Whether you are an occasional smoker or regular smoker, you will be thought to be a smoker under the medical insurance policy.

Smokers can purchase health insurance, however an insurance carrier may charge additional premium or reject your application for insurance, based on the amount of cigarettes you smoke on a regular basis. A smoker might also need to experience additional health checkups which may help an insurance company to determine the risk factor and charge the premium amount accordingly. Smoking makes the serious effect on your health; a number of them are detailed below. Circulatory method smoking leads to increased risk in the heartache and blood pressure. Building up of fatty acids could lead to atherosclerosis. Respiratory method smoking may damage lung functions and breathlessness. It may lead to damage to the air sacs of the lungs, increased likelihood of developing chronic bronchitis. Oral health smoking may result in tooth loss, tooth staining, gum infection which might increase the chance of tooth decay.