This Report will help you to an extent with your search engine optimization issues. I stumbled upon plenty of new things now and thought it would be important to share it with the external world of website programmers. Out of the tools I came across today were:

  • Seo Site Checkup,
  • Add This,
  • Compress now.

All are too damn good for a professional or any search engine optimization analyst. Basically I worked on more than two dozen SEO techniques today and all of them were crucial. Here’s an overview of the methods I coped with:

  • Keywords The Meta Keywords tag enables you to give additional text for search engines to index along with the rest of everything you have written on your webpage. Meta keywords can highlight a specific word or phrase in the primary body of your text.
  • Most Common Keyword Evaluation Check the most frequent search phrases & their use number of times used onĀ direct traffic inside Google Analytics your webpage. The way to FIX so as to pass this test, you have to maximize the density of your major keywords displayed above. If the density of a particular key word is under 2% you need to increase it and when the density is more than 4 percent you need to decrease it.
  • Keyword Usage this clarifies if your most frequent keywords are used in your name, met description and Meta keyword tags. Keywords not contained in Metafile Keywords contained in Meta Description Tag Keywords contained in Meta Keywords Tag how to fix First of all; you need to ensure your page is using the name, met description and Meta keywords tags. Secondly, you must adjust these tags content to be able to incorporate some of the principal keywords displayed above.


This implies if any H1 headings are used on your page. H1 headings are HTML tags than will help highlight important topics and keywords within a page. The way to FIX so as to pass this test you need to determine the main topics from the page and insert these topics between tags. Example: Significant topic goes another matter Headings Status This implies if any H2 headings are used on your page. H2 headings can be useful for describing the subtopics of a webpage.