To provide you Security when registering with an energy and natural gas marketer/retailer, we have outlined the controlled procedures for registering new customers, and soliciting door to door sales. This report summarizes the rules and regulations for energy marketer/retailers in Ontario, to better protect you and your gas and electricity bill from advertising scams. This report provides several warning signs that will assist you identify sales practices that are unfair prior to signing up for a contract with problems that are concealed.

Fair Energy Marketing Practices

Regulations and the rules are Considered sales practices that every energy marketer/retailer and each should abide by when soliciting sales. These open electricity market singapore guidelines are explained in the Code of Conduct that is governed by the Ontario Energy Board in detail. This code describes what every sale agent needs to do to be able to solicit business and home sales in Ontario.

Speak to a Legitimate Home or Business Owner

Sales representatives are advised to Exercise caution when soliciting house or business sales, and should be sure they are consulting with a valid account holder before progressing with any sales demonstrations.

Provide a Business Card

Sales representatives should Offer a business card upon arrival to each customer. Standards for the company card include; the sales agents name, Ontario Energy Board license number, the energy marketer/retailer’s name and address, toll-free phone number and website address.